Custom Warehouse

We have a Customs Warehouse in Viladecans, a few minutes from the Port and the Barcelona Airport.

In our facilities we can consolidate your export merchandise or keep your pending imports for an indefinite period of time (without paying taxes) until you need them.

We can link your merchandise to any of the customs regimes:

– ADT: Temporary Warehouse
– DAP: Public Customs Deposit (Does not require VAT / ARENCELES tax assessment)
– DDA: Different Deposit of the Customs

All products that remain in our facilities are subject to a rigorous control of stocks through a state-of-the-art ERP, which allows you to have real-time, through the WEB, the status of your goods.

The goods linked to the DAP may be released to consumption partially, according to their needs, liquidating the taxes as they are consumed or linked to the DDA to sell them later.