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xy oracle price: XY ORACLE XYO USD 1H Technical analysis published on 02 16 2023 GMT


These listings positively impacted the price action of the XYO token which grew in value by 30,000% last year. As is characteristic of the crypto market, inorganic bull runs indicated by rapid price increases are usually short-lived and triggered by a sudden increase in trading volume. Moreover, the moving average convergence divergence indicator was moving higher in the positive region away from the zero line, suggesting that more buyers than sellers populated the XYO market.

Princess May Amaranto is a content creator and brand builder for blockchain. She spent most of her 2021 covering the NFT, metaverse and play-to-earn projects. On weekends, she enjoys a round of golf, cycling and following the latest F1 Grand Prix. XYO has a fixed supply of 13.96 billion tokens, all of which were released during a public sale, which means that no more XYO will ever be created. In March 2018, the XYO network held its initial token offering, using a tiered structure to price the tokens between 100,000 XYO per 1 ETH and 33,333 XYO per 1 ETH.


We strive to help our readers gain valuable, trusted insights through in-depth analysis, high-quality and well-researched News stories and views from the digital currency community experts. Our young and dynamic team is comprised of well-known journalists as well as Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Experts. Use the calculator to convert real-time prices between all available cryptocurrencies and fiat. Sentinel is a physical device in the XYO network that broadcasts a signal with its location and other data (e.g., temperature or time). When the sentinel is near another one, and they broadcast that they are near each other, this interaction is proof of the sentinel’s location.

XYO price

Here, you can easily get XYO crypto or any other of 350+ digital assets available on the platform. In fall 2021, XYO cryptocurrency went through the second wave of popularity. The cryptocurrency was listed on Coinbase,, and Kucoin exchanges – and here’s where the boom started. Bitcoin is little-changed after falling sharply toward the end of last week.

Estimate your expected monthly project costs with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers uniform pricing across all global regions and Dedicated Region Oracle’s approach simplifies cost management and eliminates billing surprises. Customers also get committed use discounts, software license portability, and rewards for OCI consumption. A Bitcoin technology firm and its executives have been indicted for allegedly operating unlicensed crypto kiosks in Ohio which… Meta, the social network company, is getting some pushback on its plan to market and bring Horizon Worlds, its flagship…

In order to not pollute the ecosystem with inaccurate data, an XYO Miner can pass off the opportunity to a competing XYO Miner (i.e. Sentinel, Archivist, etc.). The end-user holding XYO Tokens is encouraged to transact more when network liquidity is low, compared to when network liquidity is high. The token user receives economy-based rewards which are given up by XYO Miners who could have computed or verified the data, but elected not to in order to maintain the health of the ecosystem. Low, everyday pricing allows you to quickly provision services and only pay for what you use. Your use of OCI services—IaaS and PaaS—is metered hourly, and you’re charged only for the resources you consume, with no hidden costs. You always have flexibility to switch services and cloud regions at any time, with no notice needed.

  • This could enable eCommerce retailers and websites to verify, in a trustless way, that the package not only appeared on the customer’s doorstep, but also safely inside their home.
  • Additionally, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicator was moving up in the positive region away from the zero line, suggesting that more buyers than sellers populated the XYO market.
  • Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future results.
  • Bitcoin is little-changed after falling sharply toward the end of last week.

Learn more about blue chip NFTs and blue chip NFT projects in this guide. Decrease from one day ago and signalling a recent fall in market activity. When the price hits the target price, an alert will be sent to you via browser notification. To receive alerts, please allow web browser notification permission. An assessment of technical indicators shows a moderate bullish signal.

The XYO Network is maintained by the XYO Foundation, which was established as a nonprofit in March 2020 to facilitate education, research and continued development of the XYO protocol. Since the project’s launch, the XYO Foundation has helped form partnerships for the XYO blockchain, including ones with Chainlink , Remax, Deon Digital, Mobi and Microsoft. XYO also acquired LayerOne at the end of 2018 to gain the project’s locational data-storage protocol, Quadhash. Earn up to $1,000 when you fund a new account, and earn up to $100 in Bitcoinwith your first qualifying crypto trade .

XYO, the cutting-edge technology project, was established in 2017 in San Diego. The XYO network aims to take advantage of location-based beacons that are already spread around the world. XYO Network developers use this network to decentralize location-oriented services.

Dash 2 Trade Listed on Two More Exchanges – 35 Days Remaining For Product Launch

Since the year started, xy oracle price price had increased 123%, a trend that had proven remarkably bullish, especially during the first week of 2023 when it reached the highest point since October last year. There is no recent price data for this coin, because we don’t see trading activity currently. That means XY Oracle has had relatively low trading activity in the past day. Since XYO is an ERC-20 token, it is compatible with almost any Ethereum wallet. Consider a hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger Nano to protect your coins.


This is a statistical representation of the maximum market cap, assuming the maximum number of 14 Billion XYO tokens are in circulation today. Depending on how the emission schedule of XYO tokens are designed, it might take multiple years before FDV is realized. In exchange for their participation on XYO’s network, sentinels, bridges, archivists and diviners all receive XYO tokens as a reward. Sentinels and bridges are rewarded XYO tokens when their information is used to answer a question. Archivists are rewarded for the retrieval and use of data, although they aren’t rewarded merely for data storage.

XY Oracle (XYO) 2023 Predicted Prices Chart

XY Oracle price made an explosive breakout beginning January 1, 2023, moving from $0.003 to the $0.01 range high on January 4, marking a 233% rise. However, the bullish breakout was corrected after bears took over the XYO Oracle price for the next six days leading to January 11, losing most of the gains made during their session high. The top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in XYO tokens are MEXC, BingX, KuCoin, Huobi Global, and XYO co-founder Markus Levin shares vision of the project.Five years post-launch, the project has rolled out major functionalities and built real world utility. For example, it is being used by e-commerce companies to track their shipment at every stage using separate ledgers. Then, in the fall of 2021 XYO token was listed on major exchanges such asCoinbase,, and Kucoin.


With the product, one digital wallet can be used across different blockchains. Like sentinels, bridges are physical devices like a smartphone that participate in the XYO Network. A bridge must look for bound witness interactions and sign them to confirm that the interaction happened. The confirmed transactions are then sent to “archivists,” or data stores. Archivists are responsible for holding all confirmed bound witness interactions confirmed by bridges and retrieving the data when necessary.

It is a News Media Platform which serves its audience with accurate News and Analytical Articles. Our team is committed to providing unbiased News & Reports related to various Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Apps, Initial Coin Offerings and Blockchain technology. Since cryptocurrencies are traded world wide, the XYO value is also effected by different Cryptocurrency News & Policy updates around the world. An overview showing the statistics of XY Oracle, such as the base and quote currency, the rank, and trading volume. Nevertheless, we have collected all possible opinions on XYO price prediction and are more than ready to show them to you. As soon as the package is safely inside the client’s house, the payment will be released.

XYO Price Prediction 2025

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For enterprises that want to expand in multiple geographies without constraints, OCI provides a consistent experience in every region, both in performance and cost. Customers can stay within their original budget and forecast cloud spending accurately, regardless of where applications are deployed. In addition, OCI provides a series of controls for you to limit resource access, control your budget, tune down underused resources, and forecast your spending.

This could enable eCommerce retailers and websites to verify, in a trustless way, that the package not only appeared on the customer’s doorstep, but also safely inside their home. The top crypto exchanges that have XY Oracle available for trading, ranked by 24h trading volume and the current price. You can sell XYO cryptocurrency on any exchange where this token is listed. The project was founded back in 2017, so there are a lot of milestones passed. In addition to tracking price, volume and market capitalisation, CoinGecko tracks community growth, open-source code development, major events and on-chain metrics.

Multi-currency wallets like Freewallet or Coinomi are made to store your diversified wallet in one place. Get daily alerts on price changes of the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Adding XYO Network to MetaMask allows you to view your token holdings, trade on decentralized exchanges, and more. You can copy XYO’s contract address and import it manually, or if you’ve installed MetaMask’s chrome extension, add XYO to MetaMask with one click on CoinGecko. Market cap is measured by multiplying token price with the circulating supply of XYO tokens .

Thanks to this system, customers can pay for goods only after they receive them. So, e-commerce services can provide such a feature without compromising security. The e-commerce companies that offer payment on delivery to certain premium customers are one of the use cases. To provide this feature, an e-commerce company should use the XYO network to write a smart contract. The network will track the package’s location throughout the supply chain – from the warehouse shelf to the consumer’s house and all the middle points. The community is bullish as more than 81% of users are feeling good about XYO Network today.

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What Is Contagion


If this happens, the CDC recommends waiting until you’ve fully recovered to get the vaccine. Omicron is now the most dominant strain of coronavirus in the U.S., and its incubation period may be shorter than those of previous variants. But some scientists who’ve studied Omicron and doctors who’ve treated patients with it suggest the right number might be around 3 days. Some people may have the coronavirus and never show symptoms. Others may not know that they have it because their symptoms are very mild.


The way vaccine development was portrayed in the film was not terribly realistic, says Madaline. A nun caring for patients at an airport infirmary wears only gloves and a mask as protective garb. That’s also how Winslet’s epidemiologist character protects herself early in the movie, when she rushes to find an infected person she has ordered to get off a bus.

  • We are then susceptible to behaving one way or another, based on these emotions.
  • But fatigue, enlarged lymph nodes and a swollen spleen may last for a few weeks longer.
  • Back in Minnesota, still in quarantine, Mitch asks Mears if he is immune since he has not shown any symptoms and he also asks why they cannot use his blood to make a vaccine.
  • Just before he does, Mitch comes up and pulls him off her, telling him to go home.
  • In the eyes of some, the fact that Biden even caught the virus highlights the failure to stop the virus’s transmission, as ever-more-contagious variants evolve and spread.

By mimicking others’ facial expressions, we can tap into how they are feeling and experience similar emotions ourselves. We are then susceptible to behaving one way or another, based on these emotions. If you’re infected, you can help prevent spreading the virus to others by not kissing them and by not sharing food, dishes, glasses and utensils until several days after your fever has improved — and even longer, if possible. And remember to wash your hands regularly to prevent spread of the virus.

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Wortmann notes that “with a large outbreak, it would be difficult for all health care workers to maintain appropriate infection prevention measures, and I think the film recognizes those gaps.” Taking precautions against contracting a virus is critical for health care providers and lab workers. Madaline notes that “in some scenes,” the health care workers in the movie “wore personal protective equipment, which is what we normally do when caring for a patient who has a potentially transmissible disease.” Our experts say Paltrow wouldn’t necessarily be able to transmit the virus that quickly after becoming infected.

Using the analogy from above, imagine dropping a steel ball bearing onto a dozen eggs. It will completely shatter one or two eggs, but leave the rest completely unscathed. This is a double-edged sword, however; avoiding interconnection among markets also means reducing the size and scope of the division of labor across an economy and the resulting gains from trade. The more fragile and inflexible any given market is, the more it will suffer from a negative shock.


Emotional contagion occurs when someone’s emotions and related behaviors lead to similar emotions and behaviors in others. Although the symptoms of mononucleosis are uncomfortable, the infection resolves on its own without long-term effects. Most adults have been exposed to the Epstein-Barr virus and have built up antibodies. The virus has an incubation period of about four to six weeks, although in young children this period may be shorter. The incubation period refers to how long before your symptoms appear after being exposed to the virus. Signs and symptoms such as a fever and sore throat usually lessen within a couple of weeks.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also recommends staying home for 24 hours after a fever and other flu-like symptoms have cleared up. If you’re really coughing and sneezing or you feel generally miserable, stay home. Also, avoid the office if you’re vomiting or have diarrhea. You also spread bacteria and viruses when you touch your eyes, nose, or mouth and then touch surfaces with those germy fingers. Certain cold and flu germs can survive on surfaces such as countertops, doorknobs, and phones for up to 24 hours. As the virus isn’t airborne, Dr. Parikh said that masks aren’t as effective for norovirus as they are for COVID or the flu.

What Is Emotional Contagion?

“We were trying to tell a story that was credible within the boundaries of scientific understanding, but also illuminate how our world might respond — that is why the poster of the movie says ‘nothing spreads like fear,’ ” he adds. Scott Burns, the screenwriter of Contagion, wrote in an email to NPR that the filmmakers wanted to tell the story of a “plausible” outbreak — “not a Hollywood exaggeration.” A global recession is an extended period of economic decline around the world, as defined by the International Monetary Fund . In that year, a banking crisis that originated in London spread to the rest of Europe and eventually Latin America.

soap and water

Your professional will review your symptoms and order a lab test of a stool sample. Psychology The spread of a behavior pattern, attitude, or emotion from person to person or group to group through suggestion, propaganda, rumor, or imitation. An example of social contagion is the 1962 June Bug, when workers developed all the same psychologically-induced symptoms. Columnist David Brooks discusses how recent research in psychology, neuroscience, and sociology points to a new and more accurate conception of human nature.

The CDC said it can also be transmitted if food is grown or harvested with contaminated water, such as oysters or fruit and vegetables. Cooking oysters and other shellfish thoroughly is important, because the virus is relatively resistant to heat and can survive temperatures as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the agency said. “What we recommend is frequent hand washing. That’s the key to avoid the spread of norovirus,” Dr. Parikh said. Washing hands can help prevent the virus from spreading. That meant that any misbehavior had to be stamped out before the contagion spread. To control a contagion, it’s not enough to treat the visible patients; you must find and contain every strand and tendril of the web.


Being aware of what’s going on inside of us when we’re with another person allows us to respond proactively to whatever emotions we pick up from others. Taking time to check in throughout our day makes the unconscious conscious. We become conscious directors rather than unconscious followers. Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 111, 8788–8790.

Hextall and Eisenberg give a briefing to Cheever about the virus sample taken from Beth’s body. The body doesn’t know what to do and the virus continues to attack. They noticed there are traces of bat and pig in the virus DNA code so it mostly originated from an infected bat. Understanding the severity of the issue, Cheever orders Sussman to be shut down and their secure lab is the only place where research will be done.

Adani crisis ignites Indian contagion fears, credit warnings – Reuters India

Adani crisis ignites Indian contagion fears, credit warnings.

Posted: Fri, 03 Feb 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

He then empathized with the man, contributed to his medical fund, and urged his followers to do the same. The 1967 “Summer of Love” in the United States was characterized by large gatherings of mostly young people in San Francisco and other urban areas. These gatherings were known for spreading feelings of generosity, “peace and love,” and general caring for one another. Such feelings and attitudes were reportedly modeled by group leaders like artist Michael Bowen and psychologist Timothy Leary.

The Emotional Contagion Hypothesis

If she needs anything she can call him, no questions asked. Erin travels to Minnesota to be transported to a nearby CDC office. At a news office a blogger journalist and conspiracy theorist, named Alan , is talking to an editor, named Lorraine, about the Tokyo bus incident. Alan thinks it may have to do with mercury poisoning in fish worldwide. Lorraine says they don’t have the budget for this kind of freelance work but Allen says this story can go worldwide in 24 hours. Allen tells her he recorded this conversation and if she steals his story he will sue her.

  • The theory adapted this idea in a sociological basis and stated as the transmission of ideas or even irrational behavior collectively displayed by an individual when engaged in a group.
  • Of the five hundred million people who were infected, at least fifty million died.
  • When she learns the vaccines were placebos, she goes to warn the village.
  • A review paper Hatfield co-authored in 2014 concluded that many studies had shown that people frequently catch one another’s emotions.
  • These “copiers” then feel the same emotions as the person who made the original behavior change .

In 2020, the film received renewed popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. HBO Now also reported that Contagion had been the most viewed film for two weeks straight. The 2003 SARS outbreak was also an inspiration and influence of Contagion. Principal photography relocated in the following month to Chicago, Illinois, which served as the nexus for production. Much of the cityscape and its surrounding suburbs were used to emulate Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Atlanta, Georgia, in addition to serving as backdrop for Chicago itself.

In particular, these are interested in the questions of how people express emotions online and how people “catch” the emotions of others through the sheen of social media and other digital communications . Because of her emotionally volatile upbringing, Leve is all too aware of the effects of the emotions of others, especially since writing about her lifelong struggle to put her own equilibrium before that of others. But we are all constantly catching and giving each other feelings—joy and excitement, yes, but also emotions that are a detriment to our well-being. We live in an age where negative emotions can spread to hundreds online in the time that one unhappy family member dampens the spirits of a household. Soon after her return from a business trip to Hong Kong, Beth Emhoff dies from what is a flu or some other type of infection. Centers for Disease Control, several days pass before anyone realizes the extent or gravity of this new infection.

ETMarkets Fund Manager Talk FII flows will improve compared to large outflows seen in 2022: A Balasubram – The Economic Times

ETMarkets Fund Manager Talk FII flows will improve compared to large outflows seen in 2022: A Balasubram.

Posted: Fri, 03 Mar 2023 03:45:00 GMT [source]

Molluscum contagiosum also spreads through person-to-person contact and contact with infected objects. Earlier in Hong Kong, WHO epidemiologist Dr. Leonora Orantes and public health officials comb through security videotapes of Beth’s contacts in a Macau casino and identify her as the index case. Government official Sun Feng kidnaps Orantes as leverage to obtain a vaccine for his village, holding her for months. WHO officials provide the village with the earliest vaccines, and she is released. When she learns the vaccines were placebos, she goes to warn the village. Mitch stages a home “prom” for Jory after her boyfriend Andrew receives the vaccine, as life begins to return to normal. emotional contagion led to fewer cognitive errors and accidents (Petitta, Probst, Ghezzi, & Barbaranelli, 2019). Researchers estimate that people who get infected with the coronavirus can spread it to others 2 to 3 days before symptoms start and are most contagious 1 to 2 days before they feel sick. Suicide contagion is the exposure to suicide or suicidal behaviors within one’s family, one’s peer group, or through media reports of suicide and can result in an increase in suicide and suicidal behaviors.


Not everyone is affected by emotional contagion in the same way; Verbeke categorizes people according to their ability to “catch” and transmit emotions. Emotional contagion, first characterized by Elaine Hatfield, describes how people who observe the emotions and behaviors of another tend to copy those emotions and behaviors. For instance, when someone smiles happily around others, those around them are more likely to smile and feel happy. At a couple of points in Contagion, epidemiologists in the film discuss what the virus’ “R0” (pronounced R-naught), or reproductive rate, is. R0 refers to the average number of people infected by one sick person, and the R0 in Contagion climbs as the film progresses.